Ben Norris

Ben Norris

Ben is a highly experienced and hugely well respected stand-up. He’s been performing comedy since 1993 and has developed an incredibly relaxed stage persona with an innate ability to improvise as well as deliver sharply crafted material, and I should know, I am him.

He has performed at comedy festivals the world over and has a wealth of experience in the tricky art of TV warm-up. More recently, Ben has excelled at presenting many high profile corporate events and award ceremonies.

You may have heard Ben’s voice on campaigns for Carling and Emirates, amongst others.

Ben's TV credits include:

"The Comedy Store" (Open mike)

"Never mind the Buzzcocks" (BBC 2)

"They think it’s all over" (BBC 2)

"Mock the week" (BBC 2)

With 20 years on the clock, Norris is one of the most bankable headliners around and is a brilliant improviser. The Guardian