Chris Stokes

Chris Stokes

I was a comedian, then a van driver and now I'm a comedian again.

I am a comedian, writer and actor named Chris and you've stumbled upon where I live on the internet.  Here you can see what I'll be up to next, where I will be up to it and when I will be getting up to it.

So... Why would you want to know any of that?  Let me tell you a bit about myself...

I have recently supported Milton Jones on his UK tour 'Milton Jones is Out There' and his previous tour 'Milton Jones and the Temple of Daft'. I have also cropped up on BBC Three, Dave and a bit on Radios 4 and 5Live and you can have a squint at where I'll be gigging on my 'Gigs' page.  

In addition, I have taken 5 solo shows up to the Edinburgh Fringe - the first of which won Best Show at the Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival Awards in 2012 (you can hear a bootleggy audio recording of this show on the 'MEDIA' page, where recordings of some of my other shows will be in due course) and the most recent of which, "We Don't Need Roads" has just finished a run at Edinburgh.

I am also one of a handful of vegan comedians (I know, sorry), so if you too are a Vperson, you may have seen me at either Vegfest or fundraisers for The Vegan Society or Humane Society International.  I recently made a short film for BBC Three on the subject of being a vegan.