Jeff Innocent

Jeff Innocent

Jeff Innocent doesn’t as first glance look like a man who makes his living making people laugh. He’s rather tall, very bald and if you met him on a dark night in a secluded alley you might be a little bit frightened. Don’t be fooled by appearances, behind his sharp-suited hard man exterior is a very very funny man who’s observation-based act is one of the finest in the business.

Looking like the bouncer he used to be – even down to the way he pulls at his tie – Jeff Innocent brings you comedy with menace. Now very much part of the comedy “firm”, Jeff uses his background and experience to persuade his audiences to laugh both at and with him – being built like the proverbial brick outhouse helps too.

A comic’s comic, Jeff Innocent is universally acknowledged as one of the one of the most consistent and reliable acts on the circuit.

"It should be made law that every British Citizen must go and see Jeff Innocent. He's that funny." - Evening Standard