Marcel Lucont

Marcel Lucont

Marcel Lucont Is

New Zealand Comedy Festival (2014), Edinburgh Fringe (2014), UK Tour (2014), Cape Town Fringe (2014)

“A lyrical master with expert delivery… original and well-developed jokes… 
Marcel is a clever comedian, his jokes sharp and witty and the whole concept of his performance is rather genius”

Caroline Cook, Reading Post, Reading Fringe Festival

“A winning formula for comedy, executed to comedic perfection… Marcel Lucont is genius through and through”
Joanna Orland, Loose Lips, Edinburgh Fringe

“‘Marcel Lucont Is’ is on a new scale… Lucont demands your attention immediately by delivering my favourite opening line of the festival… This show will not disappoint, and even if it did Marcel wouldn’t care for your stupidity. Poetry, philosophy and song. Life with Marcel Lucont is magnifique and an honour”
Ingrid Grenar, KeepingUpWithNZ, New Zealand Comedy Festival

“Who can resist Marcel Lucont, poet, charlatan, seducer of women and shameless despiser of all that is not French… Lucont has become such a cult the audience laps up his disapprobation… pulling clever punchlines out of every interaction with his audience… Sometimes, arrogance is bliss”
Claire Smith, The Scotsman, Edinburgh Fringe

“Adopting a status higher than Mont Blanc, philosopher, poet, lover and bon vivant Marcel Lucont is here to spend the best part of his hour on his two favourite subjects: himself, and how much better than you he is… The writing here is often impeccable, with a slick efficiency of words expressing astute sentiment, sometimes ironic, sometimes not… hilarious”
Steve Bennett,, Edinburgh Fringe

“Witty, intelligent and pitch-perfect”
Gordon Eldrett, The List, Edinburgh Fringe

“The most sophisticated man at the Fringe, Marcel Lucont, brings his effortless, peerless and genius talents to the King Dome… Every element of the show was expertly written and performed, and in addition to his stand-up, Marcel introduced an excellent couple of musical numbers and some hilarious poetry. In both the poetry segment and in reading from his “memoirs”, Marcel truly excelled. They allowed him to show off his pitch-perfect delivery and inimitable manner. Reclining on a chaise longue, he demanded, and got, silence… An essential show for any Fringe-goer”
Lorenzo Pacitti, Gigglebeats, UK Tour

“A hilarious melange of multimedia… Lucont is clearly now a Fringe favourite, so if you’re yet to experience this poncy Pepé Le Pew of comedy, do yourself une faveur”
Shannon Harvey, The West Australian, Fringe World, Perth

“Marcel Lucont is a loveable misanthrope. He’s superior, disdainful, insulting and hilarious. From the moment he minced onto the Rangatira stage in his bare feet wearing that perfectly engineered sneer, to when he left with an arrogant toss of his head, I laughed and laughed”

Courteney Peters, Gather And Hunt, New Zealand Comedy Festival

“Marcel Lucont raises the bar high while he hits squarely below the belt but with such charm and cleverness that the lewd nature of his material entertains far more than it offends… If you like your comedy dry, witty, sarcastic and a little bit dark, then I urge you to check out Marcel Lucont. No review can capture the essence of his razor sharp wordplay in the poems that he recites… he poked and prodded every funny bone I possess””

Marilu Snyders, What’s On In Cape Town, Cape Town Fringe